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Job Code# 6918

... a teacher for a nursery & preschool which located in mokattam, english is a must...

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Job Code# 5276

... business immigration (nz) ltd has over the time we have been in business established offices in taiwan, hong kong, korea and cairo. more recently we have helped people immigrate from romania, jordan, sri lanka, the philippines plus many other countries. with our years of experience, we have had a high success rate in the relocation of immigrants to new zealand and there have been people from many cultures and countries who have used our immigration service and they have been highly satisfied with the service and support they received. we also work with professionals in the following areas: health doctors, nurses, radiologist etc. engineering civil, mechanical, electrical etc. social service teachers large demand fo...

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Job Code# 4881

... providing high stander health care for new born babies in nnicu...

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Job Code# 4880

... dealing with patients giving nursing care & medections carrying doctors orders being in charge...

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Job Code# 4051

... previous experience in a goodstanding hospital or dental center with good english comand and good computer skills,able to work from 5 pm till 11 pm with two days off per week. nasr city residents are encouraged to apply....

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Job Code# 3450

... cs medical center seeking to hire male/female nurses of all grades and in all areas of specialties. the positios are based in dubai uae, male / female candidates should be able to: assess patient health problems and needs, develop and implement nursing care plans, and maintain medical records. administer nursing care to ill, injured, convalescent, or disabled patients. may advise patients on health maintenance and disease prevention or provide case management immediate start and very attractive salary package. salaries are tax free. free accommodation and flights will be paid for....

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Job Code# 3364

... high ability to manage a number of qualified nurses. good communication and looking is a must....

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Job Code# 1717

... we are seeking an experienced (5 years) full time rn who possesses the following levels of expertise and desires to perform the following duties: monitor and administer sedation during surgery under dr.a. barghash direction assist dr. barghash with surgery dispense all medications and narcotics as designated by dr. barghash start iv and fluids monitor patient s recovery after surgery provide discharge instructions to patient and family make follow up surgery call to patient to check status keep al instruments and surgical equipment clean and sterile when necessary keep crash cart stocked and equipment in working condition check expiration dates on medications conduct pre op consultations and pre op exam including ta...

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Job Code# 1716

... cosmetic junior doctors m.b., (female preferred) duties: 1. scheduling surgeries for outside outpatient surgery centers. 2. filling out paperwork related to silicone breast implant consents and follow up forms. cosmetic surgery sales and marketing in the office. 3. explaining procedures of rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, breast reduction, etc. (training and materials are provided) 4. sales ability and willingess to learn are most important. experience in cosmetic sales would be a big plus. 5. prepping the room and the patient for consultations and follow up, or for suture removal, drain removal, or packing removal; occasionally setting up the surgical tray to assist the surgeon during a minor surgical procedure in the offi...

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Job Code# 152

... neonatal icu cardiac surgery icu cardiovascular emergency radiation therapy...

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