Textile Engineering Jobs

Job Code: Textile engineering/8907

... wanted immd for an international company in china textile engineering at least 2 years of experience in the field of garment and textile offer include: monthly salary transportations food monthly bonus yearly bonus...

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Job Code: Textile engineering/5422

... secure at all time the product quality requirements at suppliers in terms of documentation, process control, tests, changes of specifications work proactively to improve product quality and solve quality problems by reviewing the customer s perceived quality and initiating actions and follow up on the corrective actions. maintain regular follow up and feedback to the supplier regarding quality performance. supports the purchasing team in the technical aspects of supplier development plays a major role in finding and evaluating new suppliers, and works to increase the effectiveness of the ongoing production actively contribute to improvements and participate in projects, including production processes, packaging, and product chang...

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Job Code: Textile engineering/337

... responsible for the new projects in the factory (project management) planning for all plant operations weekly and monthly quality control management supervising the maintenance engineer capacity planning and productivity and efficiency analysis managing the operating expenses budget ...

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Job Code: Textile engineering/336

... maintenance of dyeing and finishing machines providing solutions to technical problems preparing reports, schedules and drawings for the mechanical activities of the plant executing preventative and corrective maintenance for all machinery ...

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