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Job Code: Transportation/5313

... bookings and order handling communicating with shipping lines customer service communicating ewith our client / exporters and importers meeting all deadlines for bookings, trucking, shipping instruction and all documnetary requirement arranging orders with sub contractors...

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Job Code: Transportation/4136

... responsibilities: 1. negotiate with freight forwarding companies to receive the best rates for bringing outside consignments. 2. inform the supplier that hassan abul purchase delivery to be forwarded through the nominated shipping forwarder. 3. timely follow up with supplier and the shipping forwarder to ensure prompt delivery. 4. receive the legalized documents prior to the arrival of shipment. 5. once the goods arrive in kuwait, make proper arrangements for customs clearing, payment of bayan etc. 6. arrange transporter to take the goods from port to designated stores/ delivery point. 7. prepare good received note. make note of demurrages or discrepancies. 8. co ordinate with the purchase co ordinator when the goods arri...

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Job Code: Transportation/1926

... freight forwarding company in dubai and cairo looking for expereinced salesman of seafreight and out of gage equipments, should have good contacts with shipping lines, background in documentation, english is essential...

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Job Code: Transportation/1925

... freight forwarding company based in dubai and cairo looking for salesman specialized in airfreight and out of gage cargo, with minimum 3 years expereince,english, having market knowledge...

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Job Code: Transportation/1236

... to promote and develop sales palns with far east espcially china...

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Job Code: Transportation/103

... english computer good communication skills experiance on shipping and freight forwarder field...

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