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Job Code# 30714

... job responsibilities: position, align adjust electrical parts to facilitate assembly. clean parts, using air hoses cleaning products. assemble electrical or electronic systems or support structures install components, units subassemblies. adjust repair electronic components. confer with supervisors engineers to plan work activities/priority production for the day. inspect or test assemblies for resistance factors or for operation. job requirements: high school diploma or g.e.d. required. previous experience as an assembler in a manufacturing setting. being able to pass drug screening background check. reliable transportation (this position is not along public transportation routes). being able to read/write/and speak english. ...

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Job Code# 30376

... core responsibilities: follow assembly procedures visual aid instructions. verify integrity of material to be assembled to the assembly procedure or visual aid instruction. assemble components (e.g. resistors, capacitors, connectors, sockets, etc.) in specific printed circuit board locations, following assembly procedure or visual aid instruction. pre form component leads per ipc standard, assembly procedure or visual aid instruction. inspect own work to make sure placement accuracy completeness of work performed. identify report defective components. perform pack out operations as required responsible for the cleanliness of work area surrounding work space. participate in quality team meetings as required. other responsibilities as direc...

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Job Code# 30315

... hourly rate (if applicable):summary: the food preparer is responsible the preparing various food products ensuring proper food handling procedures are followed arranging necessary supplies equipment between storage work areas operating a variety of kitchen utensils and/or equipment for food product cooking, serving storing receiving inventorying food beverage products performing all other responsibilities as directed by the business or as assigned by management. this is a non exempt position typically reports to the cook. essential functions: follows recipes and/or product directions for proper food preparation. transfers supplies equipment between storage work areas by hand or cart. prepares appropriate equipment for cooking. opera...

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Job Code# 30027

... essential duties responsibilities: oversee assist in the storage of food items either ordered or donated. assist as needed with food pickup. assist in cleanup after meals completion of daily/weekly/monthly cleaning logs. perform kitchen cleanup inspections address areas of non compliance with the food services manager. maintain personal cleanliness habits operate a hygienic kitchen. prepare food oversee coordinate work of other cooks kitchen helpers engaged in preparing meals to make sure adherence to recipes quality standards. prepare cook food ensuring adherence to recipes quality standards. serve food direct client workers in serving food to clients. inventory supplies on hand at end of day or other designated period, as direc...

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Job Code# 29980

... major duties/functions/tasks: sweeps mops kitchen floors. washes worktables, walls, refrigerators large equipment. distributes supplies, utensils portable equipment. complies with all sanitation, servsafe safety requirements. segregates removes trash garbage places it in designated containers. assists in back dock organization proper trash and waste receptacle treatment. steam cleans or hoses out garbage cans. transfers supplies, equipment food between storage work areas. loads or unloads trucks picking up or delivering supplies food. minor duties: set up banquet tables, chairs, etc. assist with the set up of special events or additional kitchen spaces. being able to use time keeping system to properly record time worked for payr...

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Job Code# 29164

... as a kitchen worker you will be responsible for: the kitchen worker is responsible for washing, cleaning, polishing ensuring that all equipment is ready for use. breaking down china, glass, silver queen marys during after event,. sorting cleaning all dishes, silverware, glasses, utensils ashtrays,. transporting food from banquet kitchen, pastry garde manger to banquet room,. transporting dirty dishes from event areas back to cleanup kitchen area,. assisting with dish up during setup, service teardown,. assisting with all other duties as defined by the director of catering or stewarding management. job requirements: workers must be prompt, present prepared for all shifts. candidates must adhere to wynn steward uniform standards...

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Job Code# 29162

... requirements: 15 experience years required. masters in microbiology required. knowledge of food processing technologies, business administration manufacturing principles required. must have excellent managerial, supervisory team leadership experience. familiarity with food, drug manufacturing regulatory principles required. must have related quality food safety experience along with expert knowledge of food safety including haccp, cgmps, sanitation, recall systems, fda, thermal validation local regulatory requirements. must be able to work with little supervision. must have the ability to drive acceptance of new ongoing programs get interdepartmental cooperation. job duties: drive the quality food safety programs in that direction. ...

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Job Code# 29137

... job responsibilities: the stewarding assistant manager is responsible for assisting the executive steward in managing staffing kitchens, training scheduling stewarding staff, conducting daily inspections of facilities to make sure conformance with health fire code regulations, planning, directing overseeing the maintenance of kitchen areas kitchen equipment, both stationary portable, maintaining inventory supplies necessary to support stewarding staff, coordinating stewarding requirements with catering chefs all other duties as defined by the executive steward. job requirements: candidates must be able to communicate, read write in english fluently in a professional manner 2nd language a plus. position requires a minimum of 2 years prior ...

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Job Code# 27910

... job description: this position is responsible for producing products and components by assembling parts subassemblies. prepares work to be achieved by studying assembly. instructions, blueprint specifications, and/or visual. factory. serves as technical expert within the. production work cell trained in all aspects of. job requirements: 1. executes assembly sequence duties consistently. meeting productivity quality expectations. 2. monitors reports regarding product quality and equipment findings to make sure production quality. 3. assemble parts according to work instruction,. verbal instruction, drawings, and/or diagrams. 4. positions parts subassemblies by using. templates or reading measurements. 5. assembles ...

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Job Code# 27386

... position summary: the vending, attendant position is responsible for maintaining beverages, condiments snacks in the micro kitchen areas. this person is also responsible for the cleanliness organization of the micro kitchen areas, and also responding to client requirements feedback. major duties/functions/tasks: loads or unloads trucks picking up or delivering supplies food. maintains stocks items in the micro kitchens, including keeping an inventory of goods on hand goods that need to be ordered. washes worktables, walls, refrigerators large equipment. distributes supplies, utensils portable equipment. complies with all sanitation, servsafe safety requirements. segregates removes trash garbage places it in designated containers. ass...

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