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Job Code# 30775

... follow up the daily operations for the mechanical maintenance work. manage the technical staff. daily inspections and develop an action plan qualifications: 2 5 years of experience leadership skills flexibility in working hours...

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Job Code# 30376

... core responsibilities: follow assembly procedures visual aid instructions. verify integrity of material to be assembled to the assembly procedure or visual aid instruction. assemble components (e.g. resistors, capacitors, connectors, sockets, etc.) in specific printed circuit board locations, following assembly procedure or visual aid instruction. pre form component leads per ipc standard, assembly procedure or visual aid instruction. inspect own work to make sure placement accuracy completeness of work performed. identify report defective components. perform pack out operations as required responsible for the cleanliness of work area surrounding work space. participate in quality team meetings as required. other responsibilities as direc...

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Job Code# 30252

... job responsibilities: design of injection molded plastic die cast aluminum parts using solidworks. coordination interface with vendors, includes understanding of manufacturing processes like machining operations, injection molding sheet metal fabrication. fits, tolerances stack ups of electromechanical assemblies. production assembly instructions checklists, create bom. performance testing in product design phase: includes testing, vibration, mechanical shock, drop/impact testing. fea (basic structural frequency analysis using solidworks simulation) thermal management. research specification of materials, mechanical components manufacturing processes. collaboration with electrical engineers to develop layout for pcbas. r and d sup...

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Job Code# 30212

... description:overview: responsible for designing developing a product/product family. ensures production procedures efficiently utilize materials personnel. tests finished product for quality purposes recommends changes to product specifications as necessary. job description: as hvac engineer you will be responsible to lead supplier team to design, develop hvac unit that will meet all our design, performance packaging requirement. need to lead a team to design perform cfd analysis of ducts that will meet airflow performance requirements. have to work with pdo, ip group outlet supplier to design develop panel rear console outlets that will meet all performance requirements. requirements:basic qualifications: bsme or bsee or equivalent de...

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Job Code# 30105

... job roles: assist in analysis, modification design for assigned projects. conducts test writes test procedures analyzes test results for assigned projects. applies working knowledge of materials, components their application. assists in handling field manufacturing problems to maintain improve products services. incorporates reliability, hse quality analysis techniques during the design process. assists in planning conduct project tasks as assigned. applies company sanctioned standards specifications. learns utilizes project management skills in the organization execution of project assignments as necessary. scope of job: job tasks, correctly performed, impact indirectly on cost containment, efficiency, profitability or operations. ...

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Job Code# 30104

... job roles: plans, conducts directs analysis, modification designs for multiple projects of major magnitude scope for downhole telemetry tools both positive negative pulser. requires the ability to trade off innumerable, complex, highly interdependent variables make timely decisions. devises new approaches to solve problems related to downhole telemetry tools. subject matter expert in the application of standard materials components. provides consultation technology transfer to internal external peers. document technology transfer when appropriate. incorporates reliability, hse, quality analysis project management techniques during the design test process. leads internal/external client requirements analysis. looks for gaps ways to exc...

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Job Code# 29971

... description of responsibilities: take instruction from foreman. assist qualified maintenance person in the daily departure testing for passenger train service. assist in cleaning of locomotive windshield windows. change brake shoes pads on locomotives passenger cars. fuel, oil fill sand in locomotives cab cars. minor repairs (i.e. changing light bulbs, windshield wipers etc.). operate yard switches derails iaw company federal regulations. assist in the interior inspection of passenger train cars. requirements: high school diploma or ged. physical drug screening. must be able to recognize colors. must have an understanding of basic mathematics. applicants must be able to work non traditional hours. must possess good communicat...

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Job Code# 29853

... requirements: bachelors degree in mechanical engineering or other technical degree. must have management experience. experience in designing performing product analysis in lab environment, supervisory project experience. strong computer skill (eg microsoft office, 3 d cad programs). good communication decision making abilitys. great mechanical technical aptitude. experience in manufacturing setting. responsibilities: schedule assign lab projects as required. train develop new engineers. resolve personnel issues or conflicts to extent of authority. employee development thru mentoring. act as project manager to see jobs thru to completion. provide direction support for the product analysis area. compensation: $60,000 ...

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Job Code# 29431

... responsibilities: perform mechanical engineering design for transit, industrial, commercial institutional projects. prepare design criteria documents, calculations, drawings specifications for mechanical systems including hvac, plumbing, fire protection various other special systems. develop costs estimates for mechanical systems. preparation of project specifications, calculations reports and also project coordination with in house staff outside consultants. coordinate design development and/or assist in providing technical direction to the scope of projects provide sound technical expertise on all project aspects associated with conceptual detailed engineering designs. specify system components or direct modification of products t...

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Job Code# 29403

... job responsibilities: be versed in materials science applied mechanics fundamentals of analog digital electronics, mathematics physics. acquire working knowledge of unfamiliar disciplines when necessary for advancing probe technology. provide expert judgment analysis of any challenge or opportunity encountered. identify risks, mitigation strategies internal external resource requirements. recommend alterations to development design to improve quality of products and/or procedures. be familiar with the variety of inspection probes instruments, practical applications, practices procedures. assume responsibility of project engineer for assigned projects including all aspects of design development tasks for new transducer products sustai...

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