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Job Code# 29754

... job summary: total safety, the leading global outsourced provider of integrated safety compliance solutions products, is looking for drilling safety advisors to coordinate on site safety activities, typically for larger or more complex projects. role and responsibilities: accident investigation tracking. bbs behavior based safety observations tracking. stop the work policies. s.e.m.p (safety environmental management plans). medical training (first responder or higher). permit auditing (confined space, critical lifts, hotwork, lo/to,). basic knowledge of ground disturbance (trenching, shoring excavating). drilling operations (well control or several years as drilling advisor). idlh atmospheres (co2, co, n2, h2s, benzene, met...

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Job Code# 29249

... job responsibilities: implement the universitys health safety plan mandated by the state of louisiana. ensure that the water system is operated in a safe healthy manner that drinking water is delivered in a safe dependable supply. provide qualified leadership for the water system develop standardized procedures that comply with state local guidelines. serve as a technical consultant to the university safety committee. conduct safety meetings, training, building inspections assess problem areas where there is a general safety concern. investigate accidents work related injuries to define causes circumstances processes necessary insurance claims (workers compensation, vehicle accident, employee injuries thefts). organize maintai...

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Job Code# 29162

... requirements: 15 experience years required. masters in microbiology required. knowledge of food processing technologies, business administration manufacturing principles required. must have excellent managerial, supervisory team leadership experience. familiarity with food, drug manufacturing regulatory principles required. must have related quality food safety experience along with expert knowledge of food safety including haccp, cgmps, sanitation, recall systems, fda, thermal validation local regulatory requirements. must be able to work with little supervision. must have the ability to drive acceptance of new ongoing programs get interdepartmental cooperation. job duties: drive the quality food safety programs in that direction. ...

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Job Code# 29142

... safety duties: perform routine safety walks to identify hazards in the borgwarner plant. perform gemba walks to identify safety concerns report on any concerns. perform fire walks and fire watch duties. other duties: bailing of cardboard and plastics. assist in other duties as requested by borgwarner. safety requirements preferred. osha 30 general industry. class k certified . knowledge of standard practices, methods, tools, materials technical equipment used in water plant operations. knowledge of safety standards precautions connected with water plant operations high low voltage switchgear. knowledge of laboratory policies, procedures practices necessary for testing water in compliance with iepa regulations. knowledge of...

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Job Code# 28887

... general position summary: responsible for the day to day operation of the environment of care which includes campus security, disaster preparedness, utilities management, hazardous materials management, patient staff safety, record maintenance life safety code to make sure regulatory compliance. essential functions / major responsibilities: maintains a working knowledge of the safety standards established by the national fire protection association (nfpa), occupational health safety association (osha) accrediting organizations. develops, revises implements safety related policies as appropriate to make sure compliance with regulatory standards. responsible for ensuring compliance with jcaho adhs environment of care standards. monitor...

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Job Code# 28877

... job responsibilities: lead manage implementation of school road safety action plan, including: developing new programs projects to improve traffic safety near schools, using traffic data knowledge of best practices. creating implementing age appropriate education campaigns for school students. working with stakeholders in public, private non profit sectors to build partnerships leverage resources. work closely with safe routes to school staff to identify implement projects programs to improve road safety near schools. lead sdots coordination with spd related to traffic safety enforcement, including school zone camera enforcement, crosswalk enforcement other enforcement activities related to traffic safety. working with direc...

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Job Code# 28861

... position summary: reports to: hs supervisor. responsible for following: assists as a support function to health safety representative in following areas: support function in handling assistance to health safety in areas of required inspections of facility safety equipment, health monitoring training documentation of these activities. role competencies: interpersonal behavior/capabilities leadership skills : communication, teamwork, empowerment, delegation, clarification, information, responsible, strengthening colleague relations, managing conflict/resolution, managing leading up down. demonstrated effective communications skills, including ability to display cross cultural sensitivity. persuasive negotiation skills, performance ...

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Job Code# 28268

... major duties/responsibilities: support product engineering team, providing safety process specific knowledge for both in house out sourced programs. develop maintain the system safety plan for the project according to the gm system safety engineering process for assigned projects. work with the gm and/or supplier project manager to interlink the safety plan with the project plan. perform and/or manage the execution of the safety tasks called out in the system safety plan. work with the gm and/or supplier project manager to identify resources to execute the safety tasks called out in the plan as needed. review supplier safety process deliverables help guide supplier on gm safety process safety requirements as required. lead infor...

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Job Code# 27837

... duties and responsibilities: represents company safety product line to prospective existing local national clients. explains products to clients, matching clients requirements with appropriate products. the products would include rental sales of (but not be exclusive to), breathing air systems, respiratory products, gas detection, fall protection, equipment calibration and testing, pft and fit testing, safety supervision, safety training, rescue teams, industrial hygiene personal protective equipment. quotes prices prepares sales rental contracts for orders obtained. coordinates delivery date to client based on knowledge of production delivery schedules. represents company services for turnaround, shutdown, or outage projects with existin...

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Job Code# 27836

... purpose statement: the health safety manager provides leadership in safety occupational health at the mill. the position reports to the facility environmental, health, safety sustainability manager. the position oversees all of the health safety programs operating in a mill facility. evaluates the mills working conditions including inspection of equipment machinery to maximize employee safety ensure compliance with government company regulations. reports to: environment/health safety manager. responsibilities: mill safety programs. workers compensation cases. health services areas. radiation safety program. responsible for evaluating the facilitys working conditions, including inspection of equipment machinery to maximize empl...

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