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Agronomist Job Description

In this page you'll find sample (agronomist employee) job description duties and responsibilities (also known as: job profile, tasks, or position description). Use it free to post your jobs or write your resume.


Example #1

- Research & development activities including design & development of new crop-specific fertilizers & potting medium.

- Conducting field & glasshouse trials to ensure quality of developed products & to recommend dose of application.

- Providing training to sales persons on the basics of plant nutrition & about the fertilizer products in detail

- Identifying sales opportunity

- Planning & execution of sales promotion activities. conducted several field demonstration & represented company in the exhibition stalls & oral presentation in several exhibitions, conferences & seminars to create awareness about the products.

- Consultation services to farmers which included greenhouse farming, soil testing & fertilizer recommendations & irrigation management of different crops grown.

- Development & maintenance of customer relations through regular contacts through telephone, emails & meetings

- Developing procedures & techniques to standardize hobby greenhouse designs suitable for growing vegetables under high humidity conditions prevailed.

- Purchase & sales of garden plants & garden care products through the retail garden center

- Sales & inventory management

Example #2

- Crop monitoring & scouting for pest & diseases & work out threshold level

- Formulate strategies & spray schedule for effective pests & diseases control & management in all crops.

- Liaison with farm managers for safe harvesting of produce.

- Maintaining excellent quality standards above the expectations of the supermarkets & fresh produce stores.

- Negotiating seeds, chemicals & fertiliser prices from the dealers & suppliers.

- Carried out soil sampling from all farms, interpret soil analysis data & take action to correct soil condition & fertiliser recommendations for maximum yield.

- Regular petiole test at proper crop stages & make sure right soil conditions for critical crop stages for better yield.

- Liaison with extension officer, ipm officials & sales representatives.

- Conduct different trials for effective control of pest, diseases & weeds control & make sure compatible mixture without crop injuries.

- Organise different varietal trial for lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, & broccoli.

- Guidance to concern farm mangers for the highest farm hygiene


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