How Do You Make Suitable Job Descriptions For Your Employees?

How Do You Make Suitable Job Descriptions For Your Employees?
In a large organization, employees usually rely on their job descriptions to determine what they are responsible for and what is outside the scope of work. This is particularly true in union settings, where even minor violations can cause problems among management and employees. Occasionally vague and unclear job descriptions make it difficult for employees, managers and departments to align. Vague job descriptions can also lead to some being overpaid while others are underpaid. Therefore job descriptions should be clear.

Creating job descriptions is often seen as primarily a task of Human Resource managers, but in reality it requires the collaboration of entire organization, or at least the collaboration of all heads of different departments.

Customized job descriptions

Here are the basic steps for tailoring job descriptions to your employees. This is particularly helpful if your human resources department is in process of revising its job descriptions.

1. Observe the employee whose job description will be written. This can be achieved across videotapes or films of employee doing his job, or across on-site observation.

2. Prepare a questionnaire. It must be carefully prepared so that employees can easily follow the instructions and answer the questions correctly.

3. Send the questionnaire to employee to be observed. This will form the basis for questions in interview.

4. Interview the employee under observation along with their instant supervisor. Smooth out any questions or vague items in questionnaire.

5. Make the first copy of job description and discuss it with employee and supervisor. Edit on site if necessary.

6. Send the ultimate copy to manager for ultimate approval. If there're further operations to be performed, this must also be displayed to employee.

7. Place the accepted job description in a file where it can be retrieved by anyone who needs it. It is best if the file is kept in a safe place, accessible only by the hiring manager or his staff.

8. View and update the file annually. There may be instances where some parts of track itself have changed within the year.

This will be a long process with job description creator going back and forth. Nevertheless, the benefits greatly outweigh the costs, because this way you can deploy each employee more efficiently. Your employees can also be more productive, as they can work in an environment that requires their best skills and abilities.

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