4 Resume Tips

4 Resume Tips
HR professionals occasionally select appropriate candidates from dozens of resumes received. In order for them to attract you, it is appropriate to distinguish yourself from others. Firstly, the quality content of resume, but also, as an example, interesting graphics. The possibilities for creative resume editing are in principle endless, but everything is moderate.

The resume is often sent to potential employer electronically, most usually as an email attachment created in a text editor 'ex. in MS Word'. There're different online tools on Internet 'free or paid' that automatically generate a resume based on information you enter. Although you'll keep time and effort, you'll often not be interested in employers with this resume.

Creating a resume creatively means thinking over the content and trying to edit it in your own original way. The graphic differentiation of your resume should be in accordance with job position you're looking for. If you're applying for an administrative position, the level of creativity may not be the same as applying for a marketing or graphics position. In both cases, less is occasionally more. Easy-to-read text and resume content all the time come first. The graphics should only complement it appropriately.

TIP: Custom the content and graphics to particular job position you're applying to.

The first person in whole document will see the resume header 'name, surname, photo and personal data'. Here you can unleash your creativity. However, do not forget the good readability and clarity of whole text, so that the personnel can easily orientate it.

4 Tips for a Creative Resume

Tip 1 - Font

Don't utilize multiple fonts in text. Instead of combining various forms of fonts, select bold italics to distinguish them 'however, do not utilize these to highlight more text for readability'. Select a well- readable font, preferably from the basic fonts available in MS Word. Try to omit the classic Times New Roman or Arial and utilize Calibri, Cambria or Georgia.

If you utilize a font downloaded from the Internet, ensure that the font includes local accents - on the another hand it would do more harm than good. Before sending, be certain to export the resume to PDF so that the font will display in a accurate way on another computers where it is not installed.

It is necessary that the font is simple to read throughout the text. Select the size in line with total quantity of text in resume and particular font. We recommend utilizing a size of 11-12 points on basic text, on headings or in header you can even larger.

Tip 2 - Color

The basic text should be rather dark for good readability, it is possible to select a color difference for headings and in header. Overall, however, when editing your resume, select less bold, pastel colors that won't interfere with reading. The overall color scheme in your resume should be balanced - if you've colors in text, be careful with adding more graphics, and vice versa.

Tip 3 - Formatting

Utilize tabs wherever possible and make the text clearer. This will create two 'or more' columns and make the orientation in text clearer. Indent everything that's somehow concerned to each another, even the accomplishes level in languages section.

Tip 4 - Graphics

Select a decent addition to text and stick to motto 'There's beauty in simplicity'. All graphic elements that you see in resume samples above are created in MS Word utilizing the Insert - Shapes function.

Click on choosed object and paint it in your resume. Then the top of bar menu displays Fill patterns, outline of shapes and effects patterns. Utilize this menu to adapt the object in any way - fill, size, thickness, outline, rotation or color. You can double-click on an object to reset your edit at any time. As with a photo, you can transfer the object behind the text to create an interesting background 'but be careful to make the text simple to read'.

For example, you can utilize the lines for separation of individual sections in resume, rectangles, frames, arrows, etc. You can try to express your skills in an unconventional way, utilizing a table, scale, marking as in a school or asterisks as in a hotel. Add pictograms to headlines or attach a quote that captures your personality. Display your resume what you're and try to incorporate your personality, a particular hobby, anything that will assist you differentiate yourself. A resume serves as your personal business card and a well-crafted can mean a ticket to an interview. Send the created resume to HR professionals in PDF format so that fonts and graphics do not appear differently on various computers. Therefore, select File - Export - Create PDF.

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