Top 5 Tips For Describing Jobs

Top 5 Tips For Describing Jobs
A fantastic job description is a must for professional employers. The advantages of having strong job descriptions for your employees wouldn't be accomplishes without perfectly describing your jobs. That's why we list here top five tips that will assist you to write correct job descriptions for your staff and vacancies.

1. Describe your duties and offer

What are the basic duties essential to fulfill this role? List them clearly and understandably. If you are seeking a driver, write that the candidate must be capable to drive and that a driving license is required. Stick to what's most necessary - you can list extra skills later. Consider the day-to-day responsibilities of job and contain as much detail as possible about them, this way you'll attract candidates who have the right skills and interest in position for right reasons.

2. Describe and integrate

Select words carefully to describe the job's requirements and recognize objectives to be accomplishes, not how to accomplish them. It is good practice to add an employer's statement to create equal opportunities for all employees and to utilize an integrating language. Report that your company supplies facilities for disabled workers, and if the forwarding worker will be capable to utilize a wheelchair or transportation aids, utilize the word 'move' but not 'lift'. Check your country's labor laws against applicable language laws and guidelines - then you will not miss any brilliant candidate just because they think you do not care about them.

3. Supply sincere information about the job

Let's be sincere - it is tempting to hide or beautify your job description, from responsibilities to salary. However, honesty is key if you want to attract and retain the right candidates. Being silent about responsibilities, particularly those that might be considered unpleasant, can make salaries seem irrelevant or, worse, lead to hiring of a brilliant candidate who will then want to leave because they have the wrong skills for job. Honesty will lead to you attracting employees who are genuinely interested in all the responsibilities associated with position and are satisfied with salary offered.

4. Update descriptions

When was the last time you posted the same job description? Five years ago? Maybe some of core responsibilities have changed since then, or business itself has changed. For example, a marketing manager can now oversee a team of eight instead of two - you should update your job description before republishing it so that it reflects your current situation. This will let you to attract candidates only with suitable experience.

5. Follow the employment law

Even with best intentions, your core responsibilities may have changed since the original description during the employee's employment. It is a good practice to contain phrases in job description that give you the right to alter your job responsibilities depending on changes in position and company. You may also mention that the description may not cover all the requirements for job. This action is required to hire and, more importantly, retain the right candidate.

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