Best Free Website Builders For Your Resume

Best Free Website Builders For Your Resume
If you want to put your resume online, then you're ahead of most another job seekers. Almost 80% of all job seekers have no online resume, which gives it a serious disadvantage when applying for jobs online.

Of course, one of biggest challenges in putting your resume online is selecting the right web page builder. Fortunately, the best web page builders supply you with tools you need to build a professional resume web page that can assist you obtain the next job.


You probably already realize Wix's famous drag-and-drop web page builder, but what many do not realize is that Wix offers a choice of templates for online resume and portfolio building. Some of following features will really assist your online resume stand out from the rest:

- Customizable galleries

- Social media sharing

- ShoutOut emails

Wix also offers a number of apps that can assist design your resume web page. Their Immediate Resume app will assist you create a HTML5 resume, with key features from Facebook and LinkedIn.

Most of Wix subscriptions will assist you create a solid standard resume. I would stay away from the Connect Domain subscription as it forces advertisements on your web page that can make it look unprofessional and inexpensive, thus influencing how people seeking employees perceive you. For those of you in sure industries like graphic design and video editing, you'll probably also stay away from the Combo subscription, as they only offer 3GB of storage and 2GB of bandwidth.


Site123 makes it simple to create a free or customized web page. They also offer a wide range of resume templates, all of which are mobile-optimized. They let potential employers to view your web page from their PC, or from the convenience of their mobile devices.

Some another features that will assist your resume stand out from the others include:

- SEO tools to assist your resume for better rankings on Google

- Email accounts where you can allow potential employers contact you directly

- Video tutorials to assist you create and present a video presentation to potential employers

- Appointment tool to assist potential employer set up an interview

If you're multilingual, then you can display it by making your resume multilingual. It will open up your resume to dramatically numerous more clients than if you just save it in your native language.

While you can select the free web page, you'll be limited to utilizing an advertising-driven subdomain, which may look cheap and unprofessional. For a small monthly fee, you obtain your own domain, which assists you appear much better.


The objective of SimpleSite is to enable you to establish a web page quickly and easily. Like the another platforms on this list, SimpleSite also offers tailor templates for resumes. Web pages are also mobile-optimized, so your resume is available on all platforms.

Two things that assist SimpleSite stand out are unlimited images and unlimited video minutes. It's fantastic if you've a portfolio of work that you want to display or would like to make tailor video introductions.

That said, SimpleSite dose not offer any apps or plugins to assist you customize your resume page further. It might not be a problem if you're just seeking a basic resume web page. The free subscription will also be an advertising-driven site, which intends you should at least select the Pro subscription, which contains a free domain name.

Obtain your next job or advance your career with a resume web page

Surprisingly, only about 20% of job seekers have an online resume. In today's digital age, numerous employers rely on online recruitment tools to recruit employees. If you want to give yourself the best chances of being found by HR people, or landing your next dream job, then a professional web page is a must. The above web page builders will assist you create a breathtaking resume web page which will impress employers and speed up the process of getting a new job.

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