How to Write Personal Data on a Resume?

How to Write Personal Data on a Resume?
Writing a resume is one of most necessary steps in seeking a job. Good application documents are half the battle. Their quality 'not to be confused with quantity' Determines whether the future employer wants to invite us to a personal meeting.A clear structure is the most necessary element when writing a resume. When looking at our application, the employer is seeking most necessary information. And these should be immediately visible. If he has to look for them - he will be quickly discouraged. One of elements of structure, and at the same time the first point that must be kept in resume, is personal data. Here you should apply a typical rule and not try to weird it:

1. First name and last name:

2. Address:

3. Phone number:

4. E-mail:

5. Date and place of birth:

6. Marital status:

Not all of points listed are mandatory. We can safely prevent some of them because their presence shouldn't influence whether we will be hired. For example, the employer shouldn't be interested in date and place of birth of candidate - however, if this information is specified in advertisement as fundamental, it shouldn't be taken into account as a criterion for employment. Other bit of information that we can safely prevent is marital status.This information is personal, private and employer shouldn't make employment decisions on its basis. However, it can be helpful, particularly for young people. Employers are distrustful of 20-year-olds and fact that they are 'married' may positively affect the decision on employment. Married people are considered to be more stable, responsible and have a definite life plan. If, on another hand, a twenty-year-old man states that he's 'free' in point regarding his marital status - the employer may perceive this information as 'uncertain', 'he dose not realize what he wants from life', etc. your resume,which is not a bug. We have to reply the question whether to post them or not. It is also necessary not to contain data that are inappropriate from the point of view of work and position, e.g. in case of applying for a job in other city, it is better to supply the address of residence than the registered address.

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