What a Cover Letter Must Include?

What a Cover Letter Must Include?
The conclusion of an employment relationship is a manifestation of will of parties involved. The candidate must be interested in job and employer must be interested in approving this specific candidate. The cover letter in fact serves to support the conclusion of this deal. Unlike a resume, which is in principle a short overview of your education, previous experience and personal skills, a cover letter can be utilized to highlight the applicant's qualities and contribution to employer. The aim of cover letter is simply to entice the employer and make him want to employ you, and therefore first invite you to a personal interview.

In the cover letter, state:

- to whom the resume is addressed 'take the job and discover a responsible person, you'll also obtain more certainty that someone will deal with your letter'

- what position you're interested in and where you found out about the offer

- clarify your interest in job, display that your professional objective coincides with requirements of employer

- highlight your strengths

- clarify to your employer what he will obtain when he hires you

- Finally, do not forget to call for a personal interview. Write when and how you can be contacted

- cover letter signature


- The cover letter must not be more long than one page, but rather less

- it must be clear, concise and clear, state the reason why you're writing in first paragraph

- focus on your contribution to employer

- in cover letter you can clarify what dose not fit into the resume, eg why you want to alter jobs

- it is possible to contact organizations that do not advertise any vacancy, if you think you've something to offer. With this approach, you'll draw attention to yourself and arouse interest. If the addressed organization is considering hiring an employee with a similar professional profile, you'll prevent competition from another candidates.

- before you send the letter, try to read it from the employer's point of view, maybe you'll enhance something


- cliches, the content is not to be discouraged

- grammatical errors and typos

- utilize of colloquial expressions

- excessive dignity and familiarity

- do not be negative

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