What are The Components of a Job Description?

What are The Components of a Job Description?
Each job description must clearly and precisely define the competences and expectations, plus the tasks concerned to a particular position.

Such a description should contain the full name of position. The description must also contain the aim for which the particular position was created and what it serves in organization. Thanks to job description, you can effectively discover yourself in organizational structure, it's more easy to recognize managers and subordinates. The job description also specifies the places, working hours and devices that will be utilized by the employee. It is also not without significance that the job description defines the scope of employee's responsibility to his superiors, as well as presents the activities that the employee can perform.

It's also worth containing threats in job description, that is, list all the dangers associated with a given position, specify the qualifications and skills needed for position, plus personality traits for this position.

The scope of duties contained in job description should contain the tasks performed by employees in a particular position. It is not essential to state how to execute such tasks. These activities must correspond to form of work specified in employment contract.

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