How to Prevent Software Piracy?

How to Prevent Software Piracy?
Software piracy has been a major issue discussed in recent years. Numerous large organizations and software developers have lost many money due to plethora of software piracy. There're several laws regarding piracy, but only a little people obtain caught compared to millions of people who pirate software every day. Several measures have also been taken to reduce software piracy.

Here are some tips to prevent or reduce software piracy:

1. Code Key - Over the past 5 to 7 years, software developers have come up with a plan to reduce or prevent software piracy. This is by intends of a code key. A code key is contained with software you purchase. Before fully installing the software on your computer, you must supply the particular encryption key that came with software. After you've entered the code key, you can run the software on your computer. The code key is also locked after use. This is so that the software can't be installed on another computers after it is installed on one of them. You must call the software manufacturer to utilize the encryption key again. This is not good news for people who make software illegal.

2. Open source - Open source software is described as free software that anyone can download from the internet. Many various software can be licensed as open source. Open source software is covered by the license-free software license. There're also several upgrades to this open source software that can also be downloaded from the internet for free. By utilizing open source software, people do not have to worry about spending many money for original copies of software. This will also reduce the number of people utilizing pirated software as there're alternative programs that can be utilized and they will not have to pay fines if caught.

3. Hardware key - A hardware key is a device used to prevent piracy. This tool prevents software vendors from distributing or utilizing their products without permission from the copyright holder of software. The hardware key works when connected to a computer. It checks software licenses and enforces licensing of protected software detected on computer. This tool will stop software vendors from illegally distributing the software they have and is a good piracy prevention measure.

4. Anti-piracy software - There're several forms of anti-piracy software that are available for free. Anti-piracy software is used to prevent illegal duplication or utilize of copyrighted software. There's also anti-piracy software that prevents hackers from accessing and copying the software without permission from the copyright owner. Some of them are also already integrated on discs of software that includes the program. This can also be for piracy music. The Anti-Piracy Association is also seeking another ways to prevent software piracy. Reporting anti-piracy can prevent this.

These are some of measures implemented or created to stop and prevent software piracy. With the advancement of technology, there're numerous things that people can utilize to obtain around these anti-piracy measures, but there're all the time new and effective things that they can utilize against piracy.

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