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4 Reasons Why Happiness Gives Your Career a Huge Boost

Everyone wants a happy, fulfilling and exciting life. We would love this to be for sale. The opposite is true. Various studies (and with logical thinking) show that it works the other way around; people who are happy earn more money. Unfortunately we don't live up to that. It's quite normal nowadays for us to move from one goal in life to another without thinking about what we do and achieve. What remains is the eternal quest for happiness, with the opposite, or worse, of depression, burnout or illness.

4 Reasons Why Happiness Gives Your Career a Huge Boost

I'm also guilty of continuously pursuing new goals. It started with the desire to be admitted to my preferred study. Then I immediately wanted a matching job next to it. That job had to be suitable for a (graduation) internship to graduate with honors. My ambition is then to grow from a start-up position to a traineeship in which I want to get my master's in the evenings at the same time. Not to mention all my personal goals.

It's nice to have goals in life, but I notice that raising the bar higher and higher doesn't result in experiencing happiness. As soon as I noticed this, I decided to do something about it. What works for me personally is to live in the now. I'm currently graduating. That's my focus. Only when I've succeeded can I orient myself to start-up positions and plan a fantastic trip in between as a reward.

The 4 reasons why happiness boosts your career:

1. Happy employees are more effective

Studies have shown that happy workers are willing to work harder. In addition, they're also more effective at work. This therefore results in better results and an earlier promotion.

2. Happiness radiates to the people around you

This's reflected in the fact that you stand out in people. As a result of which the gun factor will express itself in new opportunities and / or challenges or just a nice stroke of luck.

3. Happiness makes people healthier

A happy person gets older and lives happier. Less absenteeism and more energy to experience even more positive things.

4. Happy people work better together

Research has shown that a happy person influences the outcome of teams. Teams without a happy person perform worse than a team with a happy person. So regardless of the further composition of the team. This's because happy people listen better to team members and share their own knowledge better. Which in turn leads to better decisions.

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