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4 Reasons Why it is Nice to Continue Working During the Summer

Almost all schools close again and the summer holidays are about to begin. Research shows that 64% of people with children go on vacation in the months of July and August. People without children often go in the early or late season. So they're in the office during the (hopefully) warm summer days. But is this really that bad?

4 Reasons Why it is Nice to Continue Working During the Summer

4 reasons why it's nice to continue working in the summer:

1. Less traffic jam

The schools across the country are closed and many Dutch people are out of the country. As a result, you'll also be stuck in traffic less and shorter. That saves you a lot of travel time that you can spend on that extra 10 minutes of sleep or extra time to lie in the sun at the end of the day. That just sounds nice right?

2. Cheaper vacation

You'll save a lot of money! Holidays in the high season are often much more expensive than holidays in the early and late season. So if you listen to that one colleague who has just returned from his trip to Greece, on which he spent a fortune, then you're happy to go in September. Half the money and half the tourists.

3. You're much more productive

Because there are far fewer people in the office, you also have less distraction. Now you don't have to listen to that colleague who always tells long stories about her child who suffers from teething problems or sleepless nights. So you don't waste time on these stories and you're much more productive.

4. Now you really get to know your colleagues well

Fewer colleagues in the office also means more intensive contact with colleagues who are there. So you really get to know your colleagues and who knows, you might end up with a very nice friendship. Maybe you can plan a vacation together in October, because you still have vacation days left!

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