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4 Reasons Why Switching Jobs is a Wise Choice

In our fantasy we often play the most heroic leading roles. We face our fears and doubts and face the adventure. Result, a triumphant victory. Then you're tapped on your shoulders by reality and you realize that you haven't (yet) entered that battle. Fear and doubt are the main reasons why we don't dare to switch jobs. You aren't a hero if you don't know fears or doubts, but you're if you don't shy away from your fears and doubts.

4 Reasons Why Switching Jobs is a Wise Choice

We give four reasons why you become a hero in your own career:

1. Happiness vs Money

Research has shown that a meaningful job makes you much happier than a job that ensures a well-banked bank account. However, the financial reward often plays a major role in the decision-making process when it comes to making choices in your career. People who have a successful and happy career have never started it with the intention of making as much money as possible. If you practice your profession with passion and love, you're more likely to excel and the money will come to you instead of the other way around.

2. Five to twelve!

There's no better time than now, but you sometimes only realize that when you let it pass you now. Therefore, don't wait too long to finally make that step. Start your own business or apply for that dream job! Sometimes sacrifices will have to be made. You may be taking a step back financially, your familiar environment is disappearing and it's uncertain whether it'll all be a success. Therefore, act strategically. Limit your fixed costs where possible, for example eat less often outdoors or only buy clothes on sale. Trust the ingenuity we naturally have as humans.

It's scary to let go of the known and to step into the deep. Even if you aren't happy with your current job, you know what you've and what you don't get yet.

3. Job hopping

You used to be incensed if you were with the same company for years. You've been seen as a reliable and loyal employee. Nowadays it's different. Job hoppers are no longer viewed with suspicion, it's even encouraged. Employees who have been with a company for longer are less likely to take steps in their careers than if you change jobs every three to four years. Job hopping also has a major financial advantage. If you stay with the same employer for more than four years, you earn relatively 50% less over your entire working life.

The current work culture is dynamic and the same is expected of the employees. Job hopping develops your adaptability and makes it easier to integrate into a new or dynamic organization.

4. Culture clash

When we're in a love relationship, we find nothing more beautiful than being ourselves completely. You blossom fully and have a synergistic effect on your partner and your partner on you. I don't believe opposites attract, but like-minded people do. It's possible that you practice your profession with love, but the culture of the organization clashes with your ethical beliefs. You can enter this battle or you'll look for the match made in heaven. If you've found the company that resonates with how you view the world, there will be greater satisfaction on both sides. Therefore, be critical and dare to say no to the offer that looks good but doesn't feel good.

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