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5 Benefits of a Career Oriented Part Time Job During Your Studies

A side job, in whatever form, is of course always useful. Not only is it financially attractive to have a side job next to your studies, but you'll probably also gain new social contacts and expand your network. But it's even more attractive to have a side job next to your studies that matches what you would like to do in the future.

5 Benefits of a Career Oriented Part Time Job During Your Studies

We give you 5 advantages of a relevant part-time job during your studies:

1. Experience

At Hays, we know better than anyone how important relevant experience on the resume can be. Potential employers would rather hire someone who has been in the field for a while than someone who only has 'a piece of paper'. Not only does your experience add value to your resume, but during the job interview you can talk about more than just the theory you graduated from. You can indicate what you've already learned from the work field and what it has yielded.

In addition, this experience teaches you which parts of the field you like and don't like. You develop yourself on a personal level and can therefore better consider for yourself in which you would like to specialize or develop yourself.

2. Flow opportunities

If you've been working for a while in a company that matches your studies, that can be a great opportunity to move on. You increase your job prospects right after your studies by indicating in time that you've the ambition to develop yourself within the company. Don't be afraid to indicate this, it only shows courage and ambition. A relevant part-time job during your studies will therefore provide more career opportunities, at your current employer or at companies that you deal with during your work.

3. Social skills

Because you've already worked in the field where you want to end up later, you've learned from and about the culture of this sector. Because you know how to deal with people in the profession, you can put yourself down faster and better during your first 'real' job. You can also take advantage of this during the job interview because you can show how you've worked with people in the field.

4. Network

By having a side job in the sector in which you also want to end up later, you ensure that your network expands. Also make sure to invite the contacts on LinkedIn so that you don't lose sight of them. You should also be aware that your LinkedIn profile should be set up as well as possible immediately. In this article you'll find a step-by-step plan.

5. Theory in practice

Of course your study deserves focus during this period, but it's good to realize that you can immediately apply the theory you learn during your studies in a side job that suits your expertise. Experienced experts indicate that future theory is often included faster because parts of it have already been discussed during your side job. So the knife cuts both ways!


Not only relevant side jobs can have a lot of value for your career, but internships during your studies are also very important.

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