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5 Reasons Why a Sales Job is the Ideal Starter Career

As a starter on the labor market, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right job. Gaining experience in sales forms a good basis for your professional career. You get to know yourself, but also deal with setbacks. In addition, you can earn a lot of money!

5 Reasons Why a Sales Job is the Ideal Starter Career

Have you just finished your education and are you not sure what you want to do? No stress, you aren't alone! Many starters on the labor market have no idea what they want to do or lack necessary experience.

Five reasons why a sales position is the ideal starter job:

1. Sales are for everyone!

Unconsciously you're always busy with sales, think of the bicycle that you put on Marktplace last week or the cover letter you just sent. Whether you sell a product or yourself: a sales person is hidden in you. With the right attitude and sales training you'll become a sales stopper.

2. Sales deserve good

Saving for a world trip or the contents of your new home? If you really want to make good money, you definitely have to go into sales. In addition to a base salary, you usually receive a performance reward. If you perform at your best, you can count on a big bonus. You therefore determine the amount of your salary yourself. Ideal right?

3. Sales vacancies always remain

Every business has a product or service to sell. So there will always be sales vacancies. Would you like to build a sustainable career? Then you're in the sales world.

4. Develop skills that benefit you

Tenacity, listening and communication skills, customer-oriented thinking. In a sales position you learn so much that not only benefits you at that time, but throughout the rest of your career. In no job you hear "no" as often as in sales. This will help you develop resilience and resilience. Also useful in everyday life!

5. A new challenge every day

No day is the same when you work in sales. You meet new people every day, are on the move, on the move and work in various places. It's always a surprise who opens the door or answers the phone. That makes it a challenging and dynamic job.

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