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5 Reasons Why an Extra Language Helps You With Your Career

The economy is becoming increasingly global. Companies are looking for markets (or production possibilities) abroad. More and more people are looking for success across the border and are going to work abroad. One of the most important skills a candidate can have is knowledge of a second language or several languages. In the eyes of the employer, having knowledge of English, Spanish, German or French is a very valuable addition to your skills.

5 Reasons Why an Extra Language Helps You With Your Career

Here are 5 reasons why an extra language helps you with your career.

1. Be attractive to international companies

Many people like to work for multinationals. As companies become more global and sell their products on different continents, there's a high demand for candidates who have knowledge of these languages ​​or understand the culture. Knowledge of languages ​​gives you the opportunity to profile yourself as an international person, where fun, adventurous and lucrative challenges await. If you enjoy traveling, you can boost your career by working abroad. The skills you gain give you more chance of a future promotion.

2. Building relationships

With language skills you can more easily make contact with new / international people in a more personal way. Talking to someone in their language breaks through barriers and makes everyone more comfortable and confident. Building relationships is critical in any business. Speaking languages ​​will lead to more sales, better service and a stronger bond with colleagues.

3. Extra for your resume

The purpose of your resume is that you stand out. So you want to make an attractive resume with many strengths so that you're as attractive as possible to employers. Language skills are always good, is an extra. Employers are increasingly looking for multilingualism because of globalization.

4. Be distinctive

There can be a lot of competition with applying for a job. That's why it's important to distinguish yourself from other candidates. If you're in the race for a job with 10 other candidates and your skills are about as strong, an additional language could be that unique talent that gives you that job.

5. Improving other skills

Research shows that many skills are associated with language skills and that it gives an advantage in the workplace, a few examples:

  • People with language skills (mastering 2nd or 3rd foreign language) are often more creative and better at solving complex problems.
  • Using different languages ​​improves multi-tasking skills.
  • More confident in making choices and decisions.

But where do you best learn a new language? First, of course, at school or through television / social media / gaming. Family. But often also during a study or internship or work abroad or you're going to backpack for half a year. All possibilities to improve your languages, boost your resume and increase your chances on the job market. Do you want to improve your languages? Take a look at our vacancies and perhaps you'll soon be speaking an extra language!

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