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5 Reasons Why an MBA Can Boost Your Career

"In many companies, higher management positions are in any case only reserved for those who have an MBA in their pocket. "

5 Reasons Why an MBA Can Boost Your Career

Are you considering retreating to the school desks to supplement your current degree with a university MBA? There are indeed a lot of reasons why you're a lot firmer in life as a Master of Business Administration graduate.

Five important reasons to gen an MBA:

1. You get promoted faster

Those who want to progress in their business often have to exercise a lot of patience. In many cases, an MBA proves to be the best way to work up a lot at a rapid pace. You prove that you've more to offer than your management might have thought and put yourself on the map. But that also works the other way around: in these times of great labor shortage, companies often see the partial or even integral sponsorship of MBA courses as an opportunity to bind promising young elements more easily. In many companies, higher management positions are in any case only reserved for those who have an MBA in their pocket.

2. You acquire a stronger focus on practice

The big difference with the classic academic master's programs is that an MBA study at a business school focuses entirely on professional practice. The various aspects of contemporary organizational management are extensively discussed: strategy, marketing, HR, innovation, entrepreneurship, corporate finance, financial accounting.. Company visits and meetings with successful entrepreneurs are regularly on the program, both here and abroad and students must set up case studies themselves in which they actively apply their newly acquired insight into the very latest developments in the business world. It often even concerns a concrete project from their own organization. In this way, their employer can immediately benefit from their efforts.

3. You fill in the gaps in your knowledge

In order to start an MBA, you must have several years of work experience. This means that the candidates - much more than when they choose a course of study at 18 - know quite well where their major strengths lie and on which points, on the other hand, they need to develop further in order to get a really solid management base. Many MBA students have a technical background as an engineer or economist, but realize that they still need to brush up on their soft skills - such as negotiation techniques, teamwork and decision-making. Because the training also includes 360 ° feedback and active career guidance, the participants get to know themselves better than ever.

4. You broaden your network

MBA teachers really know what they're talking about, because they've all been put into practice themselves. The heterogeneous and often intercultural composition of the group is also inspiring. The students all bring very specific expertise to the classroom. They learn from each other while analyzing complex business problems together and challenge each other to continue to give the best of themselves. Often fellow students keep in touch even afterwards and even join forces for new professional adventures.

5. You earn a lot more

In most cases, an MBA leads to a significant wage increase. In certain sectors and countries this could even double compared to a regular master's degree. In my country, an average of 50 to 70% would be added.

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