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5 Reasons Why Working is Healthy

Career-Back to work? Then forget about all the negative studies that arise about work and health and realize that having a permanent job can also contribute a lot to your well-being.

5 Reasons Why Working is Healthy

"The various studies focus on 'good' jobs with decent wages, fringe benefits, holidays and workable hours"

Here are five proven reasons why working is healthy:

1. Stable income

Having a steady job protects against the pitfalls of poverty. For example, experts argue that sleep problems are much more common among unemployed people and people on too low an income. In addition, many jobs provide access to good health care, which includes managing chronic conditions. A decent wage also helps ensure a nutritious diet, plenty of exercise, less stress, and stable mental health.

2. Good care

Sickness and hospitalization insurance at work is a good indicator of our well-being. It provides continuous access to affordable medical care.

3. Social

Research showed that people who have a solid bond with their colleagues actually live longer. They also feel happier and more satisfied. The group feeling at work breeds a social safety net that's good for health.

4. Recovery

Anyone who was ill or unemployed for a long time will get benefits from going back to work. Research shows that working would accelerate recovery.

5. Goal-oriented

A job has an important place in our meaning, specially when we get older. "Older people find a purpose in their job, a reason to get up in the morning," said Dr. Robert Butler of the National Institute on Aging.

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