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6 Reasons Why Networking is Good for You

Networking is good for you, you know that by now. But do you also know why exactly? These are 6 reasons why you should start networking today rather than tomorrow!

6 Reasons Why Networking is Good for You

1. People you know now can become influential later

Your fellow students aren't always students. Your colleagues will make a career and rise higher. Friends of friends start their own companies and can easily become very successful.

Remember that people in your network can come in very handy, even if it doesn't seem that way now. The more people you know, the more chance you've of that nice job or that cheap translator for your book. Moreover, it's easier to achieve your own dreams if you've contacts that are influential and support you. This way, your book can simply be pushed forward during meetings.

2. By networking you learn to understand the world

The more people you know, the more balanced your image of the world becomes. When you only deal with people in your social circle, you develop a one-sided world view. New people bring new insights and experiences. You learn to understand the world and humanity, and that's a very important characteristic. Understanding means empathy, empathy and the more you've of that, the more pleasant you can work with other people and the better you can manage.

3. People make you happier

A person can't do without other people. We're social creatures. Various studies have shown that people with a large network are generally happier than people with a small network. Logically, a large network provides diversity. You can go to different people with your feelings. Moreover, varied social contact makes us happy.

4. New people open up new possibilities

Actually the same as the first reason, with the difference that new people often immediately open new doors for you. You don't have to wait for your environment to be 'upgraded' to higher positions. A new friend can just get you on a VIP list for that hip club, a colleague turns out to have an aunt who's interested in your video productions and a contact at Hyves can help you with your graduation assignment.

5. A large network means more influence

When many people like you it's easier to spread your ideas. So you've more influence. People are more willing to help you with your plans because they like you. You can use this position to expand your company, to draw attention to matters that you find important, etc. With a large network, you don't have direct 'power', but you do have a better position in society.

6. Other people decide on your reputation

Yes, to a large extent you naturally have control over how your reputation develops. But since your reputation revolves around how others see you, you're highly dependent on your network. When many people like you, are great or professional, you develop a strong reputation and a good reputation is a kind of force that runs ahead of you. When you apply for a job somewhere and it's already known within the company that you're so pleasant to work with, you certainly have an advantage and you didn't have to do anything for that. A large network ensures a strong reputation that spreads while you sit on the couch.

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