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7 Reasons Why Career Guidance Can Boost Your Career

Career guidance isn't only intended to refocus you during your career. It can also give you a solid boost when your career is already in full swing. After all, career guidance ensures that you gain more (professional) self-knowledge, which often accelerates your career.

7 Reasons Why Career Guidance Can Boost Your Career

1. It works, research shows

Career counseling strengthens self-managing ability, at least when we use Prof. dr. Dr. Marijke Verbruggen, lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Business of KU Leuven, may believe. The quality of the jobs improves and well-being increases.

2. You get to know yourself

Just when you thought you knew everything about yourself as a professional, a seasoned career coach will certainly be able to point out new and unexplored aspects of yourself.

3. It can give your career a flying restart / restart

Looking at yourself can help you a lot further than you might think. By actively following a career counseling pathway, you're likely to come into contact with new people who can take you on new professional paths.

4. You may finally find your real dream job

From the research of Prof. dr. Verbruggen from KU Leuven also shows that through career counseling more people end up in a job that really suits them. The tenor: the more you're in charge of your career, the more mobile you'll become on the job market.

5. You proactively look at your career

You really shouldn't wait with career guidance until you get stuck somewhere in your career. It can also proactively help you discover and anticipate things about yourself. That way you not only grow as a professional but also as a person.

6. You learn to deal with change

It isn't uncommon for an action plan to emerge from a career counseling process. That will encourage you to change things career-wise, to adjust certain personality traits of yourself, to explore other fields for your future. In short, it forces you to change. In the beginning that may be a bit stiff, but you also become a habit.

7. It can be a fun and quick step into a thriving career

You shouldn't be a seasoned professional to reap the benefits of a career counseling process. People from disadvantaged groups can also benefit perfectly from such a counseling process. It will allow them to enter the labor market faster and more effectively. Bottom line: sometimes just a push in the back is enough to risk it.

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