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7 Reasons Why You Should Work for an SME Company

Looking for a new job (with an SME)? Then dare to look further than just multinationals and large international companies. Working for an SME (small or medium-sized company) has many advantages. Below are the 7 most important:

7 Reasons Why You Should Work for an SME Company

1. There's more personal contact

A small and pleasant working environment makes you more likely to integrate and become familiar with your employees and other departments. That mutual contact also often creates a good working atmosphere and good mutual communication. This way you'll find your role within the company faster!

2. You learn a lot

Because you've found your role within the company faster, you'll get to know your job and the company faster. You'll have a lot of responsibilities and you'll be able to perform various tasks and you learn every day!

3. There's more variety

Because you can carry out many more tasks at an SME, it's the ideal job for a starter. Do you've a thousand and one interests, are you a creative centipede or do you just have to discover what exactly you want to do? Then you'll find your niche in an SME. Nobody wants to do the exact same thing day in day out.. In an SME you stay enthusiastic and motivated, just because every day looks different!

4. You've more impact on others

A fourth advantage is that an SME has far fewer rules and therefore requires less paperwork with signatures from 17 different people or services. You're close to the decision makers. So you've more impact on what the final decision will be anyway.

5. You'll be noticed in an SME

In an SME you aren't a number. You get involved and can make your voice heard. Do that too! In an SME you really listen to your ideas and your input is appreciated.

6. You're more likely to have a bright future

More opportunities to show your skills and work in smaller teams will certainly benefit your career. If you're noticed by your good ideas, you'll also be eligible for a promotion more quickly.

7. You'll be more satisfied

All these facets ensure that employees of SMEs are generally more satisfied with their jobs than people who work at a large company. Since the working atmosphere and flexibility are becoming increasingly important and SMEs often score high on this, they're the ideal employer.

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