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Apply for the First Time? Make Sure to Avoid These Mistakes

Yes! You've been invited for an interview. It goes without saying that you want to go through this conversation as well as possible. So do your best to prepare optimally. Still - specially novice - applicants make a lot of mistakes during the application process. Mistakes that you can better avoid, because no matter how advantageous the labor market may be, there's always someone who doesn't make these mistakes and thus shows up better. You no longer have to make these seven beginner mistakes after reading this article.

Apply for the First Time? Make Sure to Avoid These Mistakes

1. Not being prepared enough

You may have read so well into the company, wrote a super nice letter and clearly put down on paper what your strengths and weaknesses are, but good preparation goes much further than that. For example, make sure you know exactly what's in your resume. That may seem obvious, but there's a good chance that you drafted your resume for the first time years ago. Then it's good to be sure which holiday jobs or hobbies you found worth mentioning at the time and what exactly they add to this specific application. Also important: know who's in front of you and what that person is doing!

2. Not being able to substantiate your competencies

It's of course nice that you've thought carefully about your own qualities, but make sure that you can also explain how you can use your talents and skills for the relevant position and that you've an example of a concrete situation in which your competencies have helped you to successfully complete a certain task. A good way to do this's using the STAR method.

3. Talk negatively about your current / previous employer (s)

"Why do you want to work for us?" It may be tempting to compare your current business in answer to this question. But be careful not to drill your current / previous employer (s). Companies don't like to hire people who have previously had a conflict with an employer. Moreover, complaining doesn't generally seem professional.

4. Be late

A very open door, but applicants are still regularly late. Take a train earlier, leave home early enough and if necessary walk around the office. As long as you report to your contact person at the agreed time. As said: a good first impression is extremely important. Bonus: Even the handshake you give someone on that first contact can ruin your first impression!

5. Lying

Do you actually have no experience? Resist the temptation to pretend you do. During the job interview, try not to appear better than you actually are. Of course you can put a little more emphasis on your positive points. But by lying about your competencies, talents or work experience, you create high expectations with your potential employer. Expectations that you may not be able to meet at all, with the result that you'll be labeled as an unreliable person. Sooner or later you'll fall through the basket anyway.

6. Appearing uninterested

Even if you find out during the job interview that this job isn't for you. You may want to apply for another job with the same company in the future. Of course we just said you shouldn't lie, but looking disinterested is also a no-go. It's good if you feel comfortable, but remain professional in your attitude and language. Try to avoid your relaxed attitude going too far and appearing as disinterested - or worse, arrogant.

7. Poor visibility in a Google search

Every recruiter or HR manager will consult your social channels at some point in the application process. You better assume that. Is your Facebook profile full of nonsense and unsubtle expression? or worse, are there countless photos of drunken evening parties starring you on the internet? It's clear that your resume will end up in the 'no' pile in advance. Google your name and remove what doesn't contribute to a professional image.

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