CV personal details : how do you best deal with this


Even when writing the personal details, or the personal data, many unnecessary mistakes are made. We tell you exactly what you do, but also in particular what you should not mention.

CV personal details : how do you best deal with this

Your personal information is always at the top of a resume and gives a quick picture of you as a person and tells recruiters how to get in touch with you. Therefore, limit yourself to the most relevant data, so that you have enough space for more important things.

What should you always mention?

- Name: Nickname + last name: You can make this stand out with bold letters or custom font size.
- Date of Birth: Not required to include, but leaving it out can give the impression that you don't want recruiters to know your age, which could work against you. If you are of older age and you do not want it to have an influence, it may be good to omit this information in the first place.
- Address details: This is important so that a potential employer knows what the travel distance will be. Do you live further away, but are you willing to relocate or travel a lot? Please state this in your cover letter .
- Mobile phone number: One phone number is sufficient and it is best to use the number of your mobile. This is where you are best reached. Also think of a suitable voicemail message!
- Email Address: It is common for recruiters to follow up on contact via email. Provide a suitable, professional email address.
- LinkedIn profile: make sure that this profile matches the CV that you send with your application.

What can you possibly also mention?

It is best to only mention the information below if it is relevant. If it is not necessary, it is better to omit this information to leave more space for more important parts of your CV.

- Website: Only mention if this is a website about you as a person or relevant to the position you are applying for. You can also mention an online portfolio here.
- Driver's license: if it is useful for an employer to know whether you have a driver's license, you can certainly mention this.
- Nationality: In principle, nationality should not be relevant. If you apply for a job at an international organisation, it is useful to indicate if you have a different nationality.

What is unnecessary information on a resume?

- Gender: Usually this is already quite obvious. Especially if a photo is used.
- Marital status: Not relevant for the performance of a job
- Number of children: The number of children should not matter to an employer either
- Place of Birth: Interesting, but certainly not relevant to a job.
- Creed: This is too personal and unnecessary to mention. This could potentially even be a disadvantage.
- Extra phone numbers: only use the mobile phone number
- A citizen service number: you keep this to yourself until you are hired. A citizen service number (BSN) is highly confidential information.

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