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What Does a Blogger Do

A blogger is someone who regularly writes about a certain topic on a website. Often with accompanying photos or videos. Most bloggers have their own weblog (sort of diary on a website) on which they write their blogs.

What Does a Blogger Do

If your weblog has a lot of followers (readers) you can also earn money through advertisements or affiliate marketing. You then earn money when people make a purchase elsewhere through your weblog. Popular bloggers are also approached by companies to include references to certain products or brands in their blogs for a fee. These influential bloggers are then called influencers. As a blogger you can also keep a blog for other companies. You'll then be paid to regularly post on their website about a certain topic.

Features of bloggers

Below are the personality traits that fit the blogger profession. Do you've the same personality? Then blogger might be something for you. Not sure which personality traits you've? Then find and take a career choice test..


  • initiating and starting work
  • directing and leading people
  • take and bear responsibility
  • in business: work where you run financial risks


  • create and design beautiful things
  • creative activities such as painting and photography
  • expressive work like acting and singing
  • be original and imaginative, view things in a different way
  • interest and a taste for culture

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