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What Does a Call Center Agent Do

Looking for a job in customer service? that's what call center agents do! Let's now describe in more details this great career.

What Does a Call Center Agent Do

What does a call center employee (or: helpdesk employee) do?

A call center agent is someone who answers customer questions by telephone and tries to sell products. You often sit at a computer and talk to customers through headphones. There are two different types of call center employees. There's an inbound call center employee and an outbound call center employee. An inbound call center agent is someone who picks up incoming calls, which are often customers who have questions. An inbound call center employee is also referred to as a help desk employee. These are often questions about a particular product, such as usage or how they can change settings. People can also call with complaints. You should also be able to advise on possible alternatives, if the product does / doesn't work as desired. Information about customers can be found in a computer system. As an outbound call center employee, you call people at home and try to sell products to him / her or take orders. Both an inbound and outbound call center employee can provide information about the company, products and / or services. After products or services are sold, everything must be registered in a computer system.

Whether you answer questions or what products you sell varies per company, you can work for a web store, energy company or insurance company, but also for a government agency. If they're technical questions about the use of a particular device, it's useful that you've a technical background.

As a call center employee, you understand the company you work for and the products it sells. You represent this company and try to uphold the reputation. You're also spontaneous, you can listen well, but you also have good convincing powers. You speak clearly and can argue well. You can present yourself and the products and services well. You also have perseverance and a positive, patient attitude. You work with a computer system, so understanding computers is very useful.

If you want to grow in a call center, you often have to have followed training to get a certain job. You can then become a supervisor or manager of a team of call center employees.

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