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What Does a Cleaner Do

Cleaning never being a simple job! Cleaners play an important role that we don't care enough about it. We'll talk here more about them.

What Does a Cleaner Do

What does a cleaner do?

As a cleaner you clean in different places and everywhere where necessary. The places can be very different, as well as what you clean. As a cleaner you often work at people's homes, but you can also clean at large companies. This's often the case if you're employed by a cleaning company. It's also possible that you clean outdoors, such as cleaning streets, trash cans on the street, bus shelters and train stations and regularly cleaning public toilets. This's often the case when you work for a municipality.

What are the duties of a cleaner?

Tasks that you can expect as a cleaner are mopping, vacuuming, replacing toilet paper, cleaning surfaces, washing windows, emptying trash, washing, dusting and cleaning toilets and kitchens. Depending on the location, the activities may differ slightly, for example when you're working in a laboratory. You're therefore involved in cleaning laboratory equipment, such as test tubes and very complex and expensive devices. You've a certain knowledge about this. It may also be the case that you clean on an airplane or in a hospital. As a cleaner you know about cleaning products, you know how to handle harmful cleaning products and you know how best to clean a certain surface.

What are the competencies of a cleaner?

You've to be very flexible and able to work at many different times. You often work in the evenings, because there are people working in business premises during the day. You've to be able to withstand dirt. It's also useful if you've stamina, because you're mainly physically engaged. You often work in a cleaning team, so you've to be able to work and communicate well.

As a cleaner you're actually always needed, because there are places that must always be clean after use, such as airplanes, trains and other public areas. It's important that you work in a clean environment, otherwise you're creating a bad reputation as a company. As a growth opportunity, there's the option to gain more responsibility by taking on a different position in a company or becoming the manager of a cleaning team.

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