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What Does a Copywriter Do

A copywriter is a the person who writes commercial texts to stimulate the sale of goods or services. This means that you must have many different skills.

What Does a Copywriter Do

First of all, you've to be able to write well. You also have to be creative because as a copywriter you've to be able to attract attention with striking texts. But you also have to have certain curiosity to be able to put yourself in the position of the client and the target group for which you're writing.

Because more and more texts are used online, you also need to understand more about e-commerce and the requirements and rules of online media. Sometimes you work together with an SEO specialist or do you've the necessary e-commerce skills so that your texts are also optimized for the internet.

Copywriters used to work for advertising agencies. Nowadays more and more copywriters are self-employed. Large companies have their own marketing department, which sometimes also includes copywriters. A copywriter who only focuses on writing online texts is also called a content marketer.

Features of copywriters

Below are the personality traits that suit the profession of copywriter. Do you've the same personality? Then copywriter might be something for you. Not sure which personality traits you've? Then find and take a career choice test.


  • initiating and starting work
  • directing and leading people
  • take and bear responsibility
  • in business: work where you run financial risks


  • create and design beautiful things
  • creative activities such as painting and photography
  • expressive work like acting and singing
  • be original and imaginative, view things in a different way
  • interest and a taste for culture

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