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What Does a Furniture Restorer Do

A furniture restorer repairs old, damaged, worn or used furniture. You work with machines and hand tools. Techniques used include gluing, clamping, painting, tensioning, coating, spraying and painting.

What Does a Furniture Restorer Do

A furniture restorer often specializes in a certain style, period or type of furniture. Can sometimes also be asked to appraise furniture. As a furniture restorer you can also specialize in upholstering old furniture.

In that case you're sometimes also called a furniture upholsterer.

Features of furniture restorers

Below are the personality traits that fit the profession of furniture restorer. Do you've the same personality? Then furniture restorer might be something for you. Not sure which personality traits you've? Then find and take a career choice test.


  • physical work
  • work where you can get dirty
  • operate machines or equipment
  • working in nature and / or with animals
  • being outside
  • driving vehicles


  • create and design beautiful things
  • creative activities such as painting and photography
  • expressive work like acting and singing
  • be original and imaginative, view things in a different way
  • interest and a taste for culture

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