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What Does a Homework Supervisor Do

As a homework supervisor you help children and students with homework or their studies. Study and homework guidance can be done online or on location.

What Does a Homework Supervisor Do

You don't always need a teaching qualification. Above all, you must have knowledge of a certain subject and be able to communicate and explain it well.

For primary school children, there's a particular need for homework supervisors in the field of language and arithmetic and in preparation for a final test. In secondary education, there is often a need for homework supervisors who provide structure and / or provide tutoring in exact subjects such as mathematics and physics.

Some homework counselors help young people with fear of failure or dyslexia. A homework supervisor then becomes a remedial teacher and has followed a separate training for this. Another name for a homework supervisor is a tutor.

Features of homework supervisors

Below are the personality traits that fit the profession of homework supervisor. Do you've the same personality? Then homework supervisor might be something for you. Not sure which personality traits you've? Then find and take a career choice test.


  • helping and caring for people
  • work with people
  • teaching people and teaching them something
  • service-oriented and service-oriented work


  • create and design beautiful things
  • creative activities such as painting and photography
  • expressive work like acting and singing
  • be original and imaginative, view things in a different way
  • interest and a taste for culture


  • initiating and starting work
  • directing and leading people
  • take and bear responsibility
  • in business: work where you run financial risks

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