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What Does a Laboratory Technician Do

Scientific research is conducted to learn more about how a disease develops and what's the best treatment for a disease. Did you know now why laboratory technicians are considered from the most important roles? Let's describe in more depth.

What Does a Laboratory Technician Do

What does a laboratory technician do?

As a laboratory technician you do work that's very broad and has different fields. You're constantly researching, analyzing samples and running tests. When you work for a research laboratory in a hospital, you examine urine, feces, blood and other samples. You test this for certain components or bacteria. In the meantime, you register your activities and the results. You've to be careful and precise, because you work with expensive and complicated devices. Another reason is that a wrong result of your research can have disastrous consequences for a patient. It's also possible that you work for a chemical or pharmaceutical company or that you do research for the government. Many laboratory workers are also employed in the food industry.

What are the tasks of a laboratory technician?

Depending on the type of company, you research substances. In general, you prepare samples, check that they're good, and then examine the samples for certain constituents or bacteria. You also keep stock of the laboratory. You discuss the results with the lead analyst, who provides feedback and disseminates the results. During your work, you must follow a protocol. You've a lot of knowledge about the substances you work with, how they can react and in the case of harmful substances you know how to handle them safely.

As a laboratory technician you must be able to work precisely and structurally. You also need to be able to analyze well and be critical about your results. Although you often work with several people in a laboratory, you should be able to work independently. Furthermore, a great sense of responsibility is also very important.

There's a fair amount of employment for lab technicians. After all, samples must always be examined. As a laboratory technician you can grow into an analyst, which is a position with more responsibility.

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