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What Does a Psychiatric Nurse Do

Psychiatry is the medical specialization aims to diagnose, prevente, and treat mental disorders. That's why psychiatric nurses are well trained to handle these essential health tasks. Let's describe more.

What Does a Psychiatric Nurse Do

What does a psychiatric nurse do?

A (social) psychiatric nurse works in a hospital, care institution or a home. This cares for and guides people with mental health problems. A patient with mental health problems can express it in different ways. This can be done by physical reactions or psychological reactions. This means that you always have to react differently to these reactions and it also differs per patient what the best help is. To get to know a patient the best you go through the history of a patient, observe him / her well and consult a lot with other nurses. You'll treat this patient with this information and your knowledge and experience.

What are the duties of a psychiatric nurse?

As a psychiatric nurse you've the goal to improve the quality of life of patients. You teach patients how to deal with their mental problems or disorder and how to recognize the characteristics of a starting attack, so that they can ask for help in time. This prevents complications and may even cure the patient. You ensure that a patient can develop in a positive way. You're a stable factor in the lives of these people. You're also responsible for the relationship between the patient and his / her family and friends. You ensure that communication between the two runs smoothly, that no distance is created and that the family knows how to respond to the behavior of the patient. The nurse also administers medicines and keeps family informed. Nurses and caregivers are also kept informed by writing reports. You also work a lot with nurses who work in other disciplines of the profession.

Are you a psychiatric nurse?

A psychiatric nurse can respond quickly to problems and solve them professionally. You're up for a challenge and love working with people. The work you do is versatile and different every day. The psychological problems can be very diverse and you therefore have to deal with many different situations that you must be able to deal with professionally. You're social and communicative and you can take a beating, because you can also deal with aggressive patients. You speak well and clearly. You can work in the psychiatric department of a hospital or in a clinic.

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