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What Does a Software Developer Do

Working as a software developer or software developer means that you build and develop software that runs programs, websites, devices and machines.

What Does a Software Developer Do

You're also involved in adjusting existing software. Your work consists of analyzing users' needs and developing software solutions. Often in consultation with other developers, the customer or other stakeholders.

Software developer is actually quite a broad concept. Many software developers specialize in a language or application and are called, for example, a.NET developer, Java developer, PHP developer or front end developer.

Software developers are also often written with a space, so as a software developer. The professions of software developer are also often seen as a synonym for programmer. However, some people believe that a software developer is slightly more broadly oriented than a programmer who is only concerned with programming in a particular language. But for both professions, programming is the most important competence.

How do you become a software developer?

Do you want to become a software developer? Then choose, for example, a computer science study. After your studies you can go to many places. From IT service providers to small and large companies. Nowadays there are also more and more courses and training to become a software developer for newcomers and career switchers. Search google to take an overview of programming courses with which you'll almost certainly find a job as a software developer.

Features of software developers

Below are the personality traits that suit the profession of software developer. Do you've the same personality? Then software developer might be something for you. Not sure which personality traits you've? Then find and take a career choice test.


  • study things thoroughly
  • solve problems through analysis
  • specialist work
  • continuing to learn and gain knowledge
  • research


  • work where it's important that you're organized and tidy
  • work where others can trust that you'll work as agreed
  • work in which you avoid risks


  • physical work
  • work where you can get dirty
  • operate machines or equipment
  • working in nature and / or with animals
  • being outside
  • driving vehicles

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