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What Does an Accountant Do

As an accountant or employee of an administrative office, you take care of the accounting of one or more companies or self-employed persons.

What Does an Accountant Do

An accountant often works at a small or medium-sized company or works at an administrative office where he or she takes care of the accounting of customers (can be private individuals as well as companies). An accountant often works with an accountant.

An accountant can issue a statement about the reliability of, for example, annual accounts or other financial data.

An accountant isn't entitled to issue such statements, but often prepares the work by, for example, drawing up annual accounts or collecting the financial data for this purpose. An accountant who provides the financial information of the company where he or she works is also known as a business administrator.

Features of accountants

Below are the personality traits that suit the profession of accountant. Do you've the same personality? Then accountant might be something for you. Not sure which personality traits you've? Then find and take a career choice test.


  • work where it's important that you're organized and tidy
  • work where others can trust that you'll work as agreed
  • work in which you avoid risks


  • initiating and starting work
  • directing and leading people
  • take and bear responsibility
  • in business: work where you run financial risks

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