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What is a Back Office Commercial Do

Is commerce one of your interests? back office commercial employees play an important role for increasing the business sale record. Let's describe in more details.

What is a Back Office Commercial Do

What's a back office commercial employee?

A back office commercial employee is someone who works in an office in the Sales department. As a commercial employee you try to sell products to new or existing customers and / or you advise customers. You work in a team with other sales employees. Often, a commercial office employee sells their products by telephone and keeps in touch by email. After a product or service has been sold, you also have to handle the administrative side of it. You prepare quotes and ensure that the products are delivered on time. You're the point of contact for customers who have questions about orders. You also maintain relationships with customers and suppliers and check whether ordered products or services are delivered on time, whether the customer is satisfied and what can be improved.

You also make information brochures about the products or services and you also undertake marketing activities. You keep all information about stock, products and delivery in a system or file and you check orders. It may be necessary to keep stock in consultation with a manager. A commercial office employee works closely with his manager and the commercial employee. During consultations that take place regularly, it's discussed how things are going with sales, customer relations and management. You also keep track of the turnover in the region and see how it can be increased. You're responsible for compliance with the quality rules established by the company.

A commercial office employee has a commercial attitude and a convincing power. You've good communication skills and you must be able to present yourself and your products well. You're a team player and you can share your commercial knowledge with your colleagues. You speak English well, sometimes you're also asked to have a good command of the French and German language. You've organizational skills and you can quickly and skillfully solve problems. Orders are entered directly into a system on the computer and many other activities are also carried out in this system. Technical knowledge and good handling of computers is therefore a requirement.

Commercial employees are always needed, because companies must always continue to sell products and / or services. As a growth opportunity, it's possible that you become a manager of a team or become a commercial employee in the field. You'll be given more responsibility.

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