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What is a Financial Advisor

Who can give advice in finance better than financial advisors! they're the main coach for their clients to survive and to win. Let's see their job in more details.

What is a Financial Advisor

What's a financial advisor?

A financial advisor is someone who works for a bank, but can also work for himself. As a financial advisor, you're someone who advises private individuals in making financial decisions. When you work for a bank, this can be about a mortgage or investment. A financial advisor can also advise on current or savings accounts. You often advise on products from the bank where he / she's employed.

What competencies does a financial advisor have?

One of an advisor's competencies is selling products, being able to make good recommendations and having knowledge about the various options that the bank can offer and products that the bank has. A financial advisor also prepares quotes for clients and explains them to them. He also keeps records and completed customer forms. You've to properly assess and respond to its customers. You keep customers informed of any changes and also try to recruit new customers. Contact with customers often takes place by appointment at an office, but also by telephone, depending on what advice is given. You've to give recommendations so that the customer sees benefits in your advice, but that it's also beneficial for your employer. So you've to be commercially minded, have a professional attitude and social skills. You must be able to tell your story well and present your products in an expert manner.

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