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What is a Logistics Employee

So you prefer working in shipping and transportation. That's what logistics employees do! We'll explain in more details.

What is a Logistics Employee

What's a logistics employee?

As a logistics employee you work in the transport sector, usually in a distribution center. You're busy with removing goods from trucks and loading trucks. This usually happens with trucks as a means of transport, but can sometimes also be by plane. Goods entering the warehouse must be stored in the right place, which must also be registered in a computer system. You also have to keep stock of the warehouse. You ensure that orders are prepared, check whether they contain the right goods and whether they go to the right address.

There are often certain agreements with suppliers that you've to keep to. You also keep an eye on the delivery times. You plan the arrival and departure of trucks (or airplanes), you plan driving routes for trucks and ensure that all travel documents are in order, such as documents for customs when you work for an international company. The type of goods you deal with depends on the company you work for. Sometimes it's possible that the goods have a certain expiry date that must be taken into account. It's also possible that certain goods can be harmful to health. There are specific rules for this that you need to know, but you usually learn them with a course.

You're physically engaged, so you must be fit. It's hard work, so you've to be up for a challenge. If you work in a large distribution center, you often have to load the goods with a forklift. You must have a forklift diploma to drive it. You often work in a team with other logistics employees and work shifts. Collaboration is important and you must be able to communicate well with other colleagues. The working hours are very flexible, it can also be the case that you're working in the middle of the night. It's also important that you proceed with caution, without damaging any goods.

There's always a demand for logistics employees, because there are many transport companies. As a growth opportunity, you can get a higher position within the company, such as the manager of a team of logistics employees or a position that has more to do with transport, such as a truck driver.

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