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What is a Nurse

Nursing is considered on of the top careers, nurses usually have a better career opportunities because are always required.

What is a Nurse

What's a nurse?

A nurse is someone who works in a hospital, a care home or visits people's homes. You take care of the sick, disabled or people who need help. The goal is to heal, care for, develop and improve patients' lives. What one can expect as a nurse is washing, dressing and changing people. This includes taking care of wounds and inserting a probe. A nurse must also observe and report on a patient and is authorized to give injections and administer medication. During your work you come across many different types of people with different cultural backgrounds and characters. Each patient is different and each patient must be considered as an individual.

What are the duties of a nurse?

A nurse draws up a care plan, adapted to the type of treatment and ensures that this care plan is complied with. This care plan is established based on a protocol and by reviewing the patient's history. With this information and your nursing knowledge you make a nursing diagnosis. A care plan is drawn up with this knowledge and in consultation with the care provider. You may adjust this care plan where necessary. You also prepare a patient for medical treatment, support the patient during medical treatment and ensure that the patient is well cared for and treated during treatment. A nurse also keeps the family informed, gives them explanations and information and helps them with difficulties and / or complaints.

What are the competencies of a nurse?

A nurse with specially stress resistant and integrity. A nurse is always up for a chat, a hard worker and has patience. You should be able to approach patients calmly and professionally, expressing your social skills.

How do I become a nurse?

Nurses are in great demand as people are getting older and the healthcare sector is increasing. You could become a leader of a group of nurses if you work in home care or you could become a senior nurse in a hospital ward. Both positions give you more responsibility, but you're also more concerned with the administrative aspects of the work.

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