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What is a Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy is a treatment method for complaints of your muscles, bands, joints and nerves, or musculoskeletal system. Physiotherapists play a vital role to support our health. Let's describe in more details.

What is a Physiotherapist

What's a physiotherapist?

As a physiotherapist, you're busy treating people with various different problems. You deal with problems of people in the musculoskeletal system. These can be problems with joints, posture, muscles, etc. You work in a hospital, in a practice, in a nursing home or in a rehabilitation center. A physiotherapist aims to reduce pain, remedy complaints and improve the body's musculoskeletal system. In addition to treating patients, you also advise on how to avoid or worsen problems.

What competencies does a physiotherapist have?

It's a paramedical profession, which means that it has to do with medicine, but you aren't a doctor. You can't write out prescriptions for medicines, but you can draw up a treatment plan after research. There are different types of specialties within physiotherapy, which you've to take into account when drawing up the treatment plan. You often work closely with a general practitioner or a medical specialist. You should consider each patient as an individual, which you also take into account when drawing up an optimal treatment plan. A physical therapist deals with all types of patients, such as the chronically ill, people with mental or motor disabilities or people who have to recover after an operation.

As a physiotherapist, it's important that you can listen to patients and have patience. This's essential, because otherwise you can't draw up a good treatment plan. You must also have an optimistic attitude and empathy. You're busy a lot in the physical field, where endurance comes in handy. You should also be involved in new developments in physiotherapy, such as new types of treatments or therapies.

There's always a demand for well-trained physiotherapists, because people always have problems with moving. As a career opportunity, you can give a supervisor to a team of physiotherapists or start your own practice. You can also further specialize in different directions. When you've your own practice, you've much more responsibility because you've to maintain contact with doctors. You must also keep your own administration and have a business attitude.

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