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What is a Postal Delivery Worker

Have a bike or only foot? you can still have a good job! postal delivery workers are always required. Let's describe them in more details.

What is a Postal Delivery Worker

What's a postal delivery worker?

As a postal deliverer, you're someone who delivers the mail. you usually go by bike or on foot to all the houses and businesses and put the mail in the mailbox. You also sometimes deliver packages. When mail is registered, the mail deliverer makes a list of this. When mail has to be paid immediately upon receipt, you pay this at the door and ensure that this money is also received at the post office or order office. A postal worker works 1 to 6 six days a week. They're often flexible working hours, depending on the type of mail. Mail deliverers deal with everyone and because they deliver mail that's often confidential, a mail deliverer is seen as trusting and the mail deliverer is respected, often because it works in all weathers.

The mail is collected in advance from an office or depot, where the mail has already been sorted. The route you take is already determined in advance and you shouldn't deviate from it. Usually you work about 10 hours a week and the work takes place outdoors. It's physically hard work, so stamina is important. You also work in bad weather conditions, so discipline is needed. Furthermore, you always work alone and you must be able to solve problems yourself. You've to be careful, because you're expected to deliver the mail to the right address and that no one gets mail that isn't for him / her, which quickly becomes annoying.

How do I become a postal delivery worker?

No training is required to be a postal worker. However, as with other types of companies, internal training must be followed. This often means walking with a postal delivery person who has been employed for some time and has more experience. What companies like to see is that someone is 16 years or older.

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