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What is a Project Manager

Project management is the control of projects. The goal is to get a project done on time, on budget, by appointment and in relative harmony. Recently project managers (leaders) are considered as the key-to-success employees. Let's describe thier job in more details.

What is a Project Manager

What's a project manager?

As a project manager you supervise projects. You ensure that these are well prepared, executed and delivered. You're ultimately responsible for the result. Usually these assignments are in the direction of ICT, technology or construction, but these can also vary widely. This's one of the reasons why there are so many different types of project leaders. As soon as you get an assignment, you prepare a budget and you put together a team and make preparations. Often there are a number of conditions that must be met with an assignment. You must take this into account and take it with you in your preparations.

A project manager makes a schedule and ensures that everything goes according to this schedule. Everyone in the team gets their own task and you ensure that these tasks are completed. You ensure that everyone can work well together and you promote communication. You also make agreements with suppliers, check whether everyone keeps to the agreements made, check orders and keep track of when they're delivered. You also keep track of the costs already incurred and ensure that any additional costs are avoided. A project leader reports on the development of a project to his manager or boss.

Because a project often goes through several phases, as a project leader you need many competencies. First, it's important that you dare to take responsibility. You're a leader and you can communicate well with customers, but also with employees. You've convincing powers, you like to take on a challenge and you can transfer tasks.

There's currently a reasonable demand for project leaders. If you want to grow, you can become more responsible by getting a large position within the company, for example as permanent managers or another managerial position.

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