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What is a Warehouse Worker

A good warehousing gives a clear and structured overview of the inventory. It allows to optimize and improve earnings and business. Warehouse workers plays an important role in order to maintain and manage warehouses. Let's describe in more details.

What is a Warehouse Worker

What's a warehouse worker?

A warehouse employee is comparable to a logistics employee. The difference is that you don't deal with logistics. A warehouse worker can work in a large store, at a large industrial company or at a distribution center. A warehouse worker works in a team and in shifts. Working hours may vary from early in the morning to late at night. It's also useful if a warehouse employee has experience with forklift driving, sometimes you even need a forklift diploma.

What are the competencies of a warehouse worker?

You're responsible for maintaining the warehouse and must be able to manage it properly. Tasks you've as a warehouse employee are accepting and checking goods, whereby special goods, such as toxic products and products with a certain shelf life, must be processed according to strict rules. Furthermore, you've to check whether the order is correct and enter it in a computer system, so experience with computers is very useful. The goods are also stored, where the warehouse employee puts where in the system.

Furthermore, a warehouse employee collects goods according to orders and packs them safely. It's also checked whether your colleagues do this correctly. Then they're loaded into the truck with a forklift. This must also be registered in the computer system again. The goods can vary from food to clothes to packages. As a warehouse worker you're a hard worker, who's motivated, active and ambitious and not afraid to roll up your sleeves. You're up for a challenge and social, because during this work you regularly come into contact with customers and people from other industries.

How do I become a warehouse worker?

Preferably it's aimed at management. An internal course is also always given, often online, so that the warehouse employee gets to know the company, learns about safety procedures and if toxic substances have to be handled, this's also explained. A warehouse employee can grow into a team leader, whereby the warehouse employee is given more responsibility for the warehouse and for the team he manages.

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