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What is an Administrative Assistant

Administration is the unambiguous recording and collection of company data. That's why Administrative assistants play an important role within thier companies or offices.

What is an Administrative Assistant

What's an administrative assistant?

As an administrative assistant, you're often involved in administrative tasks. This can differ per company you work for. You work at the office of this company. Tasks you can expect are: answering questions from customers on the phone, receiving customers, keeping the agenda, preparing meeting places, preparing letters and invoices and possibly taking notes during a meeting. You also keep the archive, register any new information and draw up treaties and contracts.

You also process claims, register sick reports and place orders. You're responsible for the mail that arrives and ensure that mail to be sent is ready and sent. If there are e-mails from customers or employees, you must answer or forward them, depending on who the e-mail is for. The duties of an administrative assistant are very similar to those of a receptionist or secretary, but each company calls this position differently.

As an administrative assistant you work a lot with computers and programs on the computer, so it's very advantageous if you can handle this well and have knowledge of these programs. You're also in contact with customers and colleagues during your work, so you've to be social and have good communication skills. An administrative employee must be organized and work structurally. It's important that all administration is clear to everyone and is well maintained. You speak and write correctly and it's also an advantage if you can read, write and play the English language.

Administrative employees are always needed, because there's always administration. If you want to grow, you'll also have to do other courses and also depends on the type of company you work for.

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