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How Important is Work? 10 Advantages of Working

Important, you say. After all, bread must be put on the shelf and no income without work. But that's simple. Of course work is important for an income and therefore for your maintenance. But it's much more than that.

How Important is Work? 10 Advantages of Working

The type of work doesn't even matter that much. For a large part of the work, the same benefits and added value apply in addition to income and then I assume that you aren't bullied at work, and that you don't have to do work that's very annoying. Because then a number of advantages will of course disappear.

What makes work so important besides making money? Here are 10 additional benefits of having a job:

1 - You've a reason to get out of bed.

2 - By working you get among the people. You get to know new people. You've contact with colleagues and perhaps with customers. You chat about the weather, share what you did during the weekend. You're part of a group of people; you belong somewhere. Loneliness is thus directly combated.

3 - You contribute to society. Your work contributes in any way. You make yourself useful. Your self-esteem increases if you can be of use and are meaningful.

4 - Your day is getting structured. This ties in with the first point. As you work, you'll plan more to get all the things you want to do done. If you don't have to do anything all day. After all, what you don't do today can also be done tomorrow, because tomorrow is still not planned. Part of the time is filled with a job, so it's impossible to fiddle around all day. (Assuming you don't mess around at work...;-))

5 - Structure, resulting in a good daily rhythm, contributes to good health. Maybe you go to work by bike or you've to walk stairs regularly. Factors that can also contribute. In addition, having money will ensure less worries and more space to purchase healthy food. All this of course contributes to better health.

6 - Personal development and growth is possible in work. By working you develop skills. In many workplaces there's an opportunity to continue to grow, to develop further. Learning new skills, different challenges. In any case, work is subject to change, so you'll have to deal with that, which promotes flexibility and stimulates creativity.

7 - Working is the norm. You're expected to have work. If you don't work, it doesn't feel right. You may even feel lazy or guilty about this.

8 - You enjoy your free time and holidays more when you work.

9 - Working gives prestige, some functions even status. If you do your job well, you get appreciation. This also increases your self-esteem and confidence. In any case, a job has an important role in imaging. When we introduce ourselves to others, our job is often one of the first things we report. Not being able to report a job often causes embarrassment and can hinder contact with other people.

10 - And finally the money. By working, money is often less of a problem. It gives you the opportunity to do fun things outside of work, such as sports, joining an association or going out. You can also participate in society that way. Money can ensure that you can be independent and independent. Matters that also increase your self-esteem.

So working has many advantages

How annoying when you've no work for a long time? You feel less useful, are left out, don't participate. Sometimes it even feels like failure when all the people around you've work.

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