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How to Get a Job Fast

Applying for a job isn't difficult, finding a job is also possible, but how do you manage? Hurry, the economy is flourishing, there are plenty of jobs. But if you're not careful, you'll find a job while your career runs away from you.

How to Get a Job Fast

What you've to do quickly?

1. Decide what your goal is

Every strategy begins with a final goal, which is what we want to achieve. Make a list of jobs you could do based on your background and previous experience. Applying to many jobs "of whatever" at the same time can make us lose the final objective. Specify the jobs you want to work on and start looking at that umbrella.

2. Inform your acquaintances that you want to find a job

Opportunities can arise anytime, anywhere; so don't hesitate to inform your contacts that you're in active job search. Currently with social networks it's easier. On LinkedIn, for example, you can activate an alert that indicates that you're actively looking for a job, your contacts will be able to see it and inform you if they know of a position that matches your needs. You can send emails, messages... in order to reach more people and increase the possibilities.

3. Renew your resume

Your resume is still your best cover letter to find a job. You should update it with the latest news from your professional life and give it a personal touch so that it attracts attention. Taking courses or obtaining certificates can make your resume more attractive when it comes to finding a job.

4. Use job search portals

They're a digital alternative to traditional job search methods. It's true that with the digital transformation we don't stop talking about robots, video interviews, video resumes... but, for several years now, the Internet offers us a great alternative to the usual way of leaving resumes for companies, asking by the person responsible and trying to make a good first impression. Those methods are far away since, through the internet, we've been replacing new job search techniques.

5. Expand your knowledge

To find a good job, continue your training and sign up for courses or workshops that allow you to expand your resume. This's a fundamental aspect to be able to compete in today's job market. Workers who don't update end up being overtaken by others who have continued with their training. In such a changing world, you've to keep reinventing yourself.

6. Watch your social networks

This's specially delicate specially if they're public. Take care of your image on these channels since it's increasingly common for the coaches to review them to get to know their candidates a little better. Recruiters analyze your social networks to have a more real image of you. Therefore, you must show the image you want them to see.

7. Prepare the interviews well

The interview is your great opportunity to convince the recruiter that you're the perfect candidate. Therefore, it's very important that you go well prepared and avoid improvising.

Try to inform yourself about the company, what it does, what its specialization is.. to answer questions such as: "why do you want to work here?", "What would you contribute to the company?", "Why should we choose you?". In all the interviews there are questions that are repeated so avoid being predictable.

Also, remember to take care of your non-verbal language: always look eye to eye, shake hands firmly and avoid clenching your fists as this's a sign of nervousness.

8. Believe in yourself

Nothing is more attractive and interesting than a professional who's confident in himself and his abilities. So the most important advice for finding a job fast is to work on your confidence and convince yourself that there's nothing holding you back.

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