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Interview Question: Why You are the Best Person for the Job

An interviewer may ask you the question, "why you're the best person for the Job?" This is a similar kind of question if the interview question 'Why should we hire you?'. The interviewer wants to know why you're a better option to hire than the other candidates. They also want to make sure you're the person they are looking for.

Interview Question: Why You are the Best Person for the Job

When these questions are asked it's imperative that you sell yourself to your future employer and convince him / her that you're unique and a strong candidate. Read the advice below to prepare for answering the interview questions, along with a number of answers.

Different ways to answer

There are many different ways to answer this question. The first way is to explain how your personality or personal traits make you the ideal candidate. For example, you could explain that you're highly motivated and known as a student who gets the most out of his school career by following additional programs or a high GPA score.

A second way is to emphasize your unique skills. Especially if you know yourself that you've skills that make you a strong candidate (specially if there aren't many students who also have those skills). Emphasize what makes you unique and why you can add value to the organization. You want to stand out from the crowd of students who are also in the race for the position.

3 Tips for how to answer this question:

1. Prepare yourself

Before an interview takes place, think carefully about what makes you the ideal candidate for the position. First look carefully at the position and filter the skills and skills that are needed. Then view your own resume and write down experiences and skills that fit the position. Emphasize these in response to the question.

2. Give examples

You want to be as specific as possible when answering this question. To highlight your skills or personality traits, provide one or two concrete examples that prove that you've and will use those qualities in your position. Ideally, you can name these examples from previous work situations, school activities and internships.

Focus on how you can help the company: Avoid answers that highlight why you want the job or internship. Instead, focus on how you can add value to the business. Make sure you've knowledge about the company so that you know where the opportunities are to add value.

3. Do not compare yourself to others

Even if the question is why you're the most suitable candidate for the position, you must ensure that you do not criticize the other applicants. This can come across as negative or even rude. Therefore, emphasize how unique you're without losing the other applicants.

Simple answers

- My previous internship gave me the ideal experience for this position. I developed strongly in six months. For example, I've obtained my Google certificates so that I'm aware of the latest online marketing developments.

- My skills are a perfect match with the job requirements. In particular my sales skills. For example, I followed external sales courses during my studies. I was able to achieve a turnover of $ 5000 from cold acquisition within two months.

- I'm a motivated person who is willing to learn new things in addition to my education. For example, I learned to program in addition to my education, because of my passion for coding. I know you're looking for a self motivated developer with both skills and passion, and I'm this person.

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